Lower floor: A spacious Living Room of 100 square meters with a fireplace. Special for leisure, meetings, talks, screenings, workshops ...

Equipped with an audiovisual stereo system with projection screen 90 inches projection screen.

In addition to an Office (zone) of preparation of the table for your family or friends, as a cleaning area for your utensils) with cutlery, glasses, glasses, crockery, sink, microwave, toaster, thermos, coffee machine, juicer, teapot, dishwasher ... all this next to the living room. A large Bathroom with two showers is located on this same floor.

Upper floor: Large independent Kitchen with 8 burners, 4 gas and 4 ceramic hobs so that the groups can cook comfortably, is very well equipped together with an oven, washing machine, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, grill-iron, fridge-freezer, iron, blender , tea kettle, juice squeezer ... And the 6 Rooms next to a Bathroom with shower.

1º  Room Ilson: 1 bed 140 x 200 cm.                                                             

  Room Jorrios: 1 bed 140 x 200 cm.                                                         

  Room Betaio: 1 berth with 2 beds  90 x 200 cm and bed de 90 x 200 cm.            

4º  Room Alen: 1 bed  140 x 200 cm and a crib available.

5º  Room Armañón: 2 berth with 2 beds 90 x 200 cm.

6º  Room Kolitxa: 1 bed 140 x 200 cm and 2 beds 90 x 200 cm, family room with a big balcony to the main facade.