First name:





Identification number or Passport:



Check-in date:                                                   Check-out date:

Number of people staying (maximum 17):


AGREEMENT: Between the manager of the holiday home AMALOKA HOLIDAY HOME (E-BI 211) and the above indicated reservist, the one who takes charge of the referenced house, in the section of the reservation, for the days and persons indicated, for Use and enjoyment and following the specific agreements on rural accommodation and accepting the rights and obligations and the rules to be followed, as well as the general conditions.

FIRST: The reservations will be confirmed only if the corresponding advance payment has been paid, being only valid for the indicated people and dates.

SECOND: At the entrance to the house will be paid the rest of the amount of the stay, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit of 150 €, that would be in deposit being returned at 3 days later by bank transfer, if there are no damages Or extra cleaning costs. The INTERNAL RULES AND USE OF Amaloka Holiday Home will be delivered and informed together.

THIRD: As a general rule, no more persons than those stipulated in this contract will be admitted. If you need to accommodate a larger number of people, you must notify the property to authorize your accommodation. If this exception is disallowed and the client still exceeds the limit established by contract, the owner reserves the right to cancel the contract immediately, requesting the eviction of the house and its facilities without any type of financial compensation.

FOURTH: The check-in time will be from 18:00 hours and the departure at 12:00 hours (maximum).

FIFTH: The rent includes: bed linen and bath, bathroom supplies, running water, heating, electricity, appliances, crockery, glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, furniture and cleaning before entry.

During the stay cleaning and ordering, both indoors and outdoors is the responsibility of the tenant. In the event that the houses were returned in bad conditions of cleaning or order both indoors and outdoors, for the extra cleaning expenses would be deducted 60 € from the deposit.

The owner makes bins organic waste such as garbage cans for recycling within the housing, the landlord is obliged to remove and empty the waste generated during your stay, if not, and found garbage bags in the Holiday Home or surroundings such as garden, porch, entrance ..., you will be deducted from the deposit 60 € for your withdrawal.

SIXTH: The owner may terminate the contract automatically in the following cases:

1. Excess of occupants not authorized in the third clause.

2. The assignment or sub-leasing of all or part of what is object of contract.

3. Remove furniture from the interior of the house (tables, chairs, TV, etc.)

4. Failure to comply with the usual norms of civility, hygiene, coexistence or public order.  


1. Theft, loss or damage that may be suffered by customers during their stay in the rented accommodation.

2. Cut off light, water or general gas supplies.

3. The breakdown of appliances or any other appliance that is part of the accommodation, and must be notified immediately to make the appropriate notice to the Technical Service timely, but non-attendance by this service will not be subject to any compensation.

4. The works of the City Council or other companies outside the Holiday Housing, can carry out in the vicinity and that may affect the normal development of the client's stay.

5. Pet that have caused damage to the home and garden or to third parties. Loss or leak of pet.

6. Any type of major cause, natural or similar that prevent the enjoyment of the facilities of the Vacation Housing.


*The price of the full accommodation for the days from ___ to ___, is ________ euros and the payment will be made in two moments.


1º Moment:

-Weekend Stays: The payment for Reservation is of an amount of 200 euros.

-Summer Week Stays: The payment for Reservation is of an amount of 60% of the budget for the total rent.

Payments for Booking through PAYPAL or a BANK transfer in coming days by the interested party to the following bank entity, KUTXABANK (BBK) with IBAN ES00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000, and with the BIC BASKES0BXXX, as the holder of the bank account is Mr. Errapel Kamiruaga Peña, owner and administrator of the HOLIDAY HOUSING EBI211, with the DNI 000000000b (With fiscal address domiciled at the same address of AMALOKA HOLIDAY HOME.

2º Moment:

The remaining payment for the rent, that is to say the ______ euros pending, will be delivered on the same day of the entrance along with the deposit of 150 euros. (Or in case of interest by the lodgers, by bank transfer or Bizum)

* Refund of deposit: It will be processed in case there is no damage to the holiday home by BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL payment system.

* Receipts and Invoices: If you need it, the interested party will receive a receipt or invoice of the payments for reservation or of the total stay of the holiday home rental.

* Cancellations: There is no refund of the reservation payment in any case of cancellation, there is the option of saving said deposit for the use of the interested party or family / friends of the interested party for their enjoyment in future dates, validity of the use of 6 months from the date of payment by reservation.

Signed the owner:                                                      Signed by the tenant:


Errapel Kamiruaga Peña.                                          

National Identity Document: 00000000b    Passport Number: