Regulated by the law 13/2016, of 28 July, of Tourism of 2016 on Euskadi.

Registration number E Bi-211.


The client, when booking the accommodation in AMALOKA HOLIDAY HOME, accepts the present rules of operation that must comply during his stay.




• The occupants may not carry out disturbing, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities in the Holiday Housing, being terminated in advance their stay.

• It is forbidden to rent the Holiday House in order to hold events such as weddings, banquets, parties, communions, farewells and other celebrations.

• No noise or disturbances can be made after 24:00 hours, to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

• If you find any deficiencies you must inform the owner as soon as possible and during the stay to give the opportunity to clarify the solution during your stay. The owner will not accept any claim after the moment of departure 

• The occupants must treat the house and its contents with respect, and not subtract anything from it, as they will be responsible for the damages caused.

• You can not change the layout of the furniture, in case of modification must leave the rooms as originally found.

• For hygienic reasons you can not store or consume food in the rooms.

 • Housing equipped with warning and fire extinguishing systems, are located in kitchen, hallway and living room, locate and memorize the place of extinguishers located in the different rooms for their safety.

• In no case can you cook in the chimeney or “Cocina Económica”.

• Smoking is not allowed inside the house, except in the Garden Porch, according to Law 28/2005, of December 26 (BOE of December 27). 

We admite  only A PET. In case of staying a pet, the owner has the right to vacate the Vacation Home due to the negligence of the tenant. In addition, if damages are found in the Holiday Home originated by the pet in the time not allowed, the deposit deposited will not be returned.

• Optional Services and Activities are not included in the full house price.

• The vacation home does not offer restaurant service, safe, nursery, laundry, taxi or cleaning.

• The cleaning of the Holiday Rental rented in its entirety corresponds to the clients during their stay.



• Weekend occupations: Check in is from 12:00 on Friday, leaving the house free before 12:00 on Sunday. In case of not being evicted, it will be understood that it prolongs its stay one more day. Only flexible hours of entry and exit will be agreed, if the owner and holder of the reservation have previously agreed.

• You must communicate by telephone or Whatsapp message, the approximate arrival time of the day of entry.



• The bathrooms are equipped with bath and toilet towels. In case you need more towels ask the owner.



• To make the reservation you must pay by BIZUM, PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER 200 € before 48 hours, after having agreed a rental contract by telephone, email or whatsapp, with the dates indicated, number of rooms and total price of the stay.

• In case of not receiving the reservation deposit within 48 hours, it will be canceled and the house will be available again for other clients.

• Rest of the total payment for the rent will be made on the day of the entrance to the accommodation, the payment will be by cash.

• Send the proof of payment by email to the address: or by message of whatsapp.

• In case of cancellation of the reservation, it will be entitled to maintain the amount of the reservation for another occasion, being this transferable to friends or relatives of the holder of the reservation. The validity for such reserve use is one year, from the date that the annulment is communicated to the owner.

• Our Holiday Home is in good condition and fully equipped and the lodgers are obliged to respect these conditions. In case of damages in the state of the house, they will be claimed the cost of the same.

• The opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. uninterrupted.


• The total payment will be made less the deposit that has been delivered, done in cash and the entry into the house. If you want a payment receipt you can ask the owner at the entrance.

• We reserve the right to ask for a deposit of 150 €, which will be in deposit. It will be returned by bank transfer within a maximum period of 3 days, if there are no damages or extra cleaning expenses.

Under no circumstances will more people be allowed than those established in the contract. If more people are observed, the owner would exercise his right of admission by charging a penalty of € 30 per person per day for each day hired, or failing that if they refused to pay said amount to leave immediately the house contracted, without the right of any compensation.

• The owner will inform you of the nearest places for supplies, trash recycling area, places of interest and will show them the house.

• When checking in the house, the deficiencies that you can find in the house should be communicated to the owner, not to assume responsibility, and be repaired. You will be able to contact the owner by telephone in case of any problem at reasonable times, provided it is not urgent.

• It is mandatory that every traveler, over 16 years old, fill out and sign a TRAVELER REGISTRATION form, which the owner is obliged to deliver to the ERTZAINA barracks. This information is subject to the law of protection of personal data.

The personal data will be incorporated into a personal file, whose purpose is the best operation of the hosting service.

 At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation in relation to such data, directing your request to the address of the holder of the files.

• The owner will not hesitate to send you any items that have been forgotten in the accommodation if you contact him on a cash back.

• The owner agrees to deliver the accommodation in perfect conditions of cleaning and use, and to solve, as far as possible, the problems that arise.

• Complaints Sheets can be made available to the lodged, in accordance with current legislation, so that they can record their complaints.


• In the event of any damage, you must notify the owner by telephone and always before leaving the house to avoid misunderstandings.

• The occupants must leave the house with a correct level of cleaning, if the house is neglected with excess dirt and garbage, an external cleaning company will take care of such cleaning and the amount must be paid by the owner of the reservation of the housed.

• Occupants must leave the keys on the living room table. If you wish you can telephone the owner to pick them up at the house. (In the case of losing them, the lodgers will have to pay the cost of the key ring.)

•The owner facilitates litter bins for organic waste such as garbage bins for recycling inside the house, the landlord is required to remove and empty the garbage generated during their stay, if not, and find garbage bags in the House Vacational or surroundings such as garden, porch, entrance ..., you will be deducted from the deposit € 60 for your withdrawal. 

• The occupants are responsible for the accommodation and contents during the stay in the house, trusting that they are kept careful and orderly, in case of damage or breakage of furniture, the owner of the reservation is responsible for the payment of such damages.

 In case there is no understanding between both parties for the damages caused by the hostages, the owner has the right to demand the presence of the ERTZAINA to resolve civically possible disagreements.

 • The owner will appreciate any suggestions they may offer to make their stay more pleasant.



• The heating is regulated by a thermostat in the "Menu" of the pellet machine, the mission of the thermostat is to regulate the temperature in the radiators. They have extra pellet sacks in a wooden box located on the porch.

• It is forbidden to use the heating while sleeping or when they are outside the house. (The existing Pellet heating in the house is a very safe heating system, but there is still a flame in it.) In case of loss or damage caused by the misuse of the heating and not to attend to this condition exposed above, will be the responsibility on the holder of the reservation.

• There is a system for the collection of domestic hot water, so that after a high consumption of it, the heaters could stop heating for the next 20 minutes.

• Handling of the boiler room, heating, electricity is not allowed.


• It is forbidden to make fire in the garden, soil ..., for it is enabled a barbecue. In the event of an advertisement for fires from the Town Hall in the summer months, it is prohibited to use the barbecue.  

• It is not allowed to install, swimming pools, games, or temporary installations in the garden, balcony and porch.

• Failure to comply with any of the above, damaging the porch, lawn, flowers ... will lead to a penalty for negligence of the housed.

• If you have a pet at home, do not use the garden as a toilet, pick up your droppings and throw them in the wastebasket, in case you do not do it and find the garden in poor condition, the reservoir will be sanctioned with 60 euros.


By all is known our energy situation and the commitment with the Sustainable Development for that moderates the use of the heating and many thanks for contributing to the saving of water in our planet.