Your pets are welcome in our E-BI211 AMALOKA HOLIDAY HOME Vacation Home, but we require you to follow the following pet rental agreement from ___________ to __________:

* Pets are allowed only under insurance R.C. And primer of the animal at the time of recruitment.

* Not accepted, for safety reasons dogs classified as dangerous Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, American Starffor Terrier ...

* Maximum 1 pets per lodging, less than 25 kilo.

* Price per pet 15 euros / night.

* The tranquility should not be altered, remember that you are not alone in the Barrio del Cerro.

* For hygiene, prevent your pet from climbing into beds and sofas, much less use blankets, towels or bedspreads as a bed for them. Obligation to bring your own blanket or bed.

* You must keep both the house and the excrement enclosure clean.

* You should always keep a watchful eye on your pet, especially if there are children in the other accommodations nearby.

* It is strictly forbidden to leave the pet alone in the Holiday Housing, obliged in any case to place it on the covered porch.

* You as the owner are solely responsible for the damages caused by your pet, which could cause both people and facilities. The owner of the house is not responsible for theft or escape of the pet.

* In case of damages in the house, furniture, objects, garden ... will be deducted for damages of the bond deposit of the 150 euros. Both parties agree, in Turtzioz to day ... ... month ... ... of…….  


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