Amaloka Rural Home



This House of the 17th century of " Popular Style Trucense " reformed with all the comforts and services of the 21st century, with a wide lounge - dining room of 100metros squares with chimney, special for leisure, meetings, chats, projections, workshops ... equipped with an audio-visual equipment stereo with projection screen of 90 inches, do not hesitate to bring your movies.

In the same living room there is an office (area to prepare the table for guests as cleaning their utensils) with all the cutlery, glasses, glasses, crockery, sink, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, juice squeezer, kettle, dishwasher ...



The house has two floors, the social area is the first floor with the large living room, dining room, cinema, bathroom and office, and on the top floor are the 6 rooms next to fully equipped kitchen, pantry and bathroom. It is a very spacious accommodation to accommodate a maximum of 17 people.

In addition to a large covered porch with 60 square meters with well-defined furnished areas such as dining room and resting area, you can enjoy a large garden with barbecue as well as its great panoramic views of the Valley of Turtzioz.




Amaloka Rural Home is located in the Armañón Natural Park, located in the western end of Bizkaia, on the border with Cantabria. It extends like a mountainous massif within the landscape of Las Encartaciones. Here you will find a succession of hills and mountainous terrains of eminently rural character, here the summits of Armañón, Ranero Karts, Surbias and Los Jorrios Karts stand out.

The subsoil of the Park is crossed by more than 200 caves and chasms with a remarkable value. Among them the most remarkable is the unique Cueva de Pozalagua, visitable and highly recommended for offering the possibility of contemplating spectacular formations as its eccentric stalactites.

In the Parketxea, is near the Pozalagua Cave, there you can get more information about the Natural Park and the neighboring mountainous area such as the Ordunte ZEC, owned as Armañón to Red Natura 2000.

In this highly rural territory there are several species of local cattle easily recognizable during the visit to the park's surroundings: the red-faced and black-faced "carranzana" sheep, the" villainous dog" of the Encartaciones or the "monchina" cow are just some of it "


AND valle de Carranza

In this natural protected area in the municipality of Carranza, in the Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) Montes de Ordunte, it is almost exclusively in the municipality of Carranza.


This beautiful region of the Encartaciones, is formed by a total of 10 municipalities, is located in the westernmost tip of Bizkaia and it belongs to the municipalities of Trucíos and Carranza.

Rest OF Bizkaia

y Cantabria

The location of Amaloka Rural Home is ideal for its proximity to the two communities such as Bizkaia and Cantabria, it is 45 minutes which separates us both from Bilbao and Santander capital.


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